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Spreading Lime, Gypsum & Manure to 40 feet (12M)

Precision Spreading Equipment

Spreading Urea evenly and Accurately to 120 feet (36m)

Independantly certified to 36m

AgriSpread North America


Agri-Spread NA Inc. is the sole distributor of the Agri-Spread range in North America.

The Agri-Spread range of the spreaders provides growers with an advanced and precise solution to their spreading needs. Capable of spreading a wide variety of materials including fertilizer, lime, gypsum and manure and a choice of models from 176 to 600 cubic feet means there is a spreader suitable for all enterprises and applications.

The Agri-Spread is over engineered and packed with a large list of standard features for very good reason… to outperform and outlast its competition.

Agri-Spread has an advanced spreader range which offers optional features such as ISOBUS compatibility, Load Cells and Hydraulic Drive allowing for the altering and monitoring of spreading rates from inside the tractor cab.  With VRT ready, Steerable and a choice of Axle widths and Headland Control amongst the optional features, the Agri-Spread range has a fit with any Controlled Traffic or Precision Spreading farming system.

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The rate table feature allows the user to search application rate charts for the appropriate machine settings based on spread width, required rate and fertilizer type.

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Client Testimonials

“If it can spread Bio-Sul accurately, it can spread anything accurately!” – Cody Northam (owner & Agronomy Manager – Cropmax)

Justin & Tim Kelly / CropMax Consulting Cutknife, Saskatchewan

“I’ve owned the AgriSpread AS170-T for 3 seasons and it’s proven to be a great asset on the farm and for my businesses.   The capacity and spread width allow me to fertilize and seed far more acres per day, without giving up any accuracy.  By taking our Sulfur and Nitrogen out of the air drill, we’re now covering 450 acres per fill.  We use the AgriSpread to apply a variety or products like Bio-Sul, Humic, Lime and Urea.  We’re finding more value in the spreader all the time”

Kris Mayerle – Greenleaf Seeds Ltd.

“Our AgriSpread spreaders allow us to apply our products at an amazing spread width, while maintaining a reliable spread pattern, at the most consistent application rate possible. Our customers trust our performance. The AgriSpread products are obviously high quality, with very reliable performance, along with unmatched service and product support!”
– Adam West-Burnham –  Precise Applications

Carroll, Manitoba, Canada

Precise Applications LTD A division of Carlisle Liquid Starters – Agrispread customer

AS100  The experience I’ve had so far has been very good with Agrispread NA , it is a great brand and it gives us  ability to sell good quality spreaders into the agricultural market.

Agrispread Dealer – Agriterra Agriterra – AB

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