Aberhart Farms

Aberhart Farms

“ By broadcasting much of our granular fertilizer, we’re speeding up our seeding operation by 20-30 percent.  With our cereal crop we are seeing similar results to other yield studies where we see on average a bushel per day yield gain for every day earlier we can get that cereal crop in the ground in the spring, which translate to more bushels at harvest..  A spin spreader gives us the flexibility we need in our ever changing crop nutrition program.  We’ve worked with various spreading equipment over the years and have been very impressed with the technology and features of the AgriSpread.   We also have experienced achieving a wider spread pattern with most products, especially with Bio-Sul which added to the value and efficiency of operating an AgriSpread machine.”  – Terry Aberhart

  • Aberhart Farms Inc. is a progressive dry-land grain farming operation located near Langenburg, Saskatchewan.
  • AberhartFarms.com
  • AgriSpread AS170-T owners
  • Trusted Applicators of Bio-Sul for BioCycle Solutions
    • Accurately applying Bio-Sul at 75-80 feet
  • Custom spreading granular fertilizer. Broadcast fertilizer across their own farm acres as well.
  • @aberhartfarms on Twitter        aberhart.farms on Instagram

“ The spin spreader gains us great value on the farm and is an important tool.   The AgriSpread quality, capacity, accuracy and support are hard to beat….   .”   – Harvey Aberhart

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