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“ We’ve got ourselves a great tool for the farm and our custom application services.  We’re able to speed up our seeding and fertility programs, without giving up any accuracy.  The spreader’s got great features and its quality is undeniable.   To top it off, the support we’ve received from AgriSpread has been top notch.    We recommend this spreader to anyone! “      Brad Hanmer – Hanmer Seeds / SynergyAG

Hanmer Seeds & SynergyAG Govan, Saskatchewan, Canada

“ By broadcasting much of our granular fertilizer, we’re speeding up our seeding operation by 20-30 percent.  With our cereal crop we are seeing similar results to other yield studies where we see on average a bushel per day yield gain for every day earlier we can get that cereal crop in the ground in the spring, which translate to more bushels at harvest..  A spin spreader gives us the flexibility we need in our ever changing crop nutrition program.  We’ve worked with various spreading equipment over the years and have been very impressed with the technology and features of the AgriSpread.   We also have experienced achieving a wider spread pattern with most products, especially with Bio-Sul which added to the value and efficiency of operating an AgriSpread machine.”  – Terry Aberhart

Aberhart Farms Marchwell, Saskatchewan
  • “ I’m impressed with how simple the AgriSpread is to set and use. The spread pattern and rate are simply calibrated.  We’re able to apply huge amounts of fertilizer in short order.   The AgriSpread is definitely built with quality and care. ”   – Jack Degelman
  • We’re getting a big head start on next year’s crop. We’ll be ahead of the game by spring. We were able to purchase and apply most of our fertilizer when the price and timing were on our side!”                                     – Paul Degelman
Degelman Farms Ltd. Raymore, Saskatchewan

“If it can spread Bio-Sul accurately, it can spread anything accurately!” – Cody Northam (owner & Agronomy Manager – Cropmax)

Justin and Tim are Bio-Sul retailers and custom fertilizer applicators at Cutknife, SK.

They’ve owned and operated an AgriSpread AS170-T since 2016.

They also own an airboom applicator and custom apply granular herbicides with it.   If they were to only broadcast on their own farm acres, they’d only own the AgriSpread spin spreader, and not the air boom, according to Justin.

” The AS170 is a very inexpensive, accurate way to get into a fertilizer spreader that matches up with any tractor on our farm without moving a single monitor.  Factory installed scales with Dynamic mode for on-the-go calibration was the selling point for me when compared against other brands.  The quality and support are also both top-notch.”   – Justin Kelly  (owner – Cropmax)


Justin & Tim Kelly / CropMax Consulting Cutknife, Saskatchewan

“I’ve owned the AgriSpread AS170-T for 3 seasons and it’s proven to be a great asset on the farm and for my businesses.   The capacity and spread width allow me to fertilize and seed far more acres per day, without giving up any accuracy.  By taking our Sulfur and Nitrogen out of the air drill, we’re now covering 450 acres per fill.  We use the AgriSpread to apply a variety or products like Bio-Sul, Humic, Lime and Urea.  We’re finding more value in the spreader all the time”

  • Kris Mayerle – owner – Greenleaf Seeds Ltd.
Kris Mayerle – Greenleaf Seeds Ltd. Tisdale, Saskatchewan

“Our AgriSpread spreaders allow us to apply our products at an amazing spread width, while maintaining a reliable spread pattern, at the most consistent application rate possible. Our customers trust our performance. The AgriSpread products are obviously high quality, with very reliable performance, along with unmatched service and product support!”
– Adam West-Burnham –  Precise Applications

Carroll, Manitoba, Canada

Precise Applications LTD A division of Carlisle Liquid Starters – Agrispread customer

AS100  The experience I’ve had so far has been very good with Agrispread NA , it is a great brand and it gives us  ability to sell good quality spreaders into the agricultural market.

Agrispread Dealer – Agriterra Agriterra – AB

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