Precise Applications LTD

Precise Applications LTD

“Our AgriSpread spreaders allow us to apply our products at an amazing spread width, while maintaining a reliable spread pattern, at the most consistent application rate possible. Our customers trust our performance. The AgriSpread products are obviously high quality, with very reliable performance, along with unmatched service and product support!”
– Adam West-Burnham –  Precise Applications

Carroll, Manitoba, Canada

  • ‘Trusted Applicator’ of Bio-Sul Premium Plus
  • Two Agri-Spread AS100 units mounted on RBR Vector floaters
  • Accurately applying Bio-Sul to 90’ and beyond
  • Accurately applying Urea up to 120’
  • Operating their Agri-Spreads with the Raven Viper 4
  •  VR maps are remotely sent to the spreader using Slingshot technology



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